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EQ Metalwork Co.,Limited is a professional supplier and global exporter specializing in metal manufacture and exportation, gathering sheet metal processing, customized cabinet solutions providing and complete equipment manufacturing. It is equipped with top-notch sheet metal processing equipment, including CNC laser cutting machine, CNC turret punch, CNC bending machine, CNC shearing machine, spot welder, argon arc welding machine, cogas protective welder, etc. Therefore the company is capable of designing, developing, processing all kinds of standards and non-standards cabinets in high quality by reference to international advanced international cabinet standard. Theses cabinets are widely applied to many industries such as automation control, mechanical equipment, communication network, power control because of their beautiful appearance, durable reliable, universal and flexible assembly.

EQ Metalwork Co.,Limited was founded in early 2009. Ever since its establishment, it has focused on product development as well as solidly pushed the establishment and implementation of quality control system according to market trend and customer requirements. It has worked diligently for automation control and sheet metal processing.

"Good grasp of every detail, control all processes, meet the needs of every customer" is what we pursue unremittingly. "Make masterpieces inside, achieve brands outside" is a target that we always struggle for.


We promise "complete specifications, prompt delivery, high quality, competitive price, ". The unwavering supports you provide, along with the increasing requirements you put contributes to more varied high-quality products with more competitive prices we offer. Win-win situations are always our same pursuit.