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Tin Bronze Bar

Industrial tin bronze bronze important copper alloy is used in industry.To improve its casting, mechanical and wear-resisting performance, as well as saving tin, add phosphorus in tin bronze, zinc, lead and other alloying elements.Thus can be divides into the tin bronze zinc tin phosphor bronze, tin bronze zinc and tin lead three categories

Product Details

Brand: QSn6.5-0.1 Standard: GB/T 4423-1992

Chemical composition: copper Cu: allowance, tin Sn: 6.0 ~ 7.0, lead Pb: 0.02, or less phosphorus P: 0.10 ~ 0.25, aluminum Al: 0.002 or less,
Iron Fe: 0.05, or less silicon Si: 0.002 or less, stibium: 0.002 or less, Bi Bi: 0.002 or less note: 0.1 or less (impurities)
Brand: QSn6.5-0.4 standard: GB/T 13808-1992
Chemical composition: Sn: 6.0-7.0, Al: 0.002, zinc: 0.3, Fe: 0.02, Pb: 0.02, Ni: 0.2, P: 0.26 0.40,
Cu: allowance, impurity: 0.1
Brand: QSn7-0.2 standard: GB/T 2059-2000
Chemical composition: copper Cu: allowance, tin Sn: 6.0 ~ 8.0, lead Pb: 0.02, or less phosphorus P: 0.10 ~ 0.25,
Aluminum Al: 0.01 or less, iron Fe: 0.05, or less silicon Si: 0.02 or less, stibium: 0.002 or less, Bi Bi: 0.002 or less, note: 0.15 or less (impurities)

Application :

Tin bronze casting shrinkage is the smallest, non-ferrous metal alloy used to make complex shape, clear outline and casting of air tightness requirements is not high.Tin bronze in the atmosphere, water, fresh water and steam is corrosion resistant, widely used in steam boiler and vessel parts.Phosphorous bronze has good mechanical properties, can be used for wear parts of high precision machine tools and elastic parts.Lead tin bronze are commonly used as wear-resistant parts and sliding bearing.Zinc tin bronze high air-tightness of the casting.
Tin bronze in electrical and electronic industry, dosage the biggest, the most widely used in more than half of total consumption.Used in all kinds of cables and wires, the motor and transformer, switch and printed circuit board in the manufacture of machinery and transport vehicles, used in the manufacture of industrial valves and fittings, instrumentation, sliding bearing, mould, heat exchangers and pumps, etc.
In the chemical industry are widely used in manufacturing vacuum apparatus, brewed distillation pot, pot, etc.
In the defense industry to make bullets, shells, gun parts and so on, each production 300 rounds of ammunition, need to use copper 130-140 tons.
In the construction industry, used for all kinds of pipes and pipe fittings, decorative devices, etc.

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