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Cabinet cooling general process
- Dec 07, 2016 -

With the rapid development of communications equipment, as predicted by Moore's Law, the thermal density in the communication room increased significantly. With the blade server shipped

With high heat density cabinet power can reach more than 20 kW, this load greatly exceeds the general room cooling capacity. Energy consumption is too high, local overheating has been

Is now the most common equipment room problems. Then the cabinet itself in the design of heat those processes?

Cabinet cooling aspects of the design process mainly in the following areas:

The use of forced ventilation fan cooling;

Side panels and doors of the mesh design, through-hole rate of 50% or more;

The design of dedicated wiring channel, not cut off the hot and cold air duct; the use of blind plate to block the cabinet's hot air back to form a good hot and cold air channel;

Commonly used in the cabinet cycle

A cabinet within the loop,

From the front of the bottom of the cabinet into the cold air, after the equipment,

From the upper part of the cabinet away hot air, hot air through the hot air into the ceiling;