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Cabinet rental advantage - TV wall console pole
- Dec 07, 2016 -

Rent Cabinets Cabinet is not the cabinet itself, but rented equipment. We know that the different types of cabinets, according to different roles, different use of different functions, the type of cabinet is not the same, we rent the cabinet, generally refers to the server cabinet.

The reason why a server cabinet is rented is that there are four advantages to a server cabinet rental:

First, the low cost, and build a separate room and leased line compared to the overall operating costs have a greater reduction.

Second, high reliability, professional-class room 365 days to provide operational services, professional and technical personnel responsible for the maintenance, network stability, security, higher performance.

Third, the high-speed access to use high-speed lines to achieve non-blocking network directly connected to the backbone network, the user can choose megabytes, exclusive or shared access rate.

Finally, the flexibility of a good user to start the business quickly, managed network equipment to facilitate expansion.

We are a bunch of what will be the object of the server cabinet rental, and not all suitable for rental server rack.