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Cabinet should have the basic quality
- Dec 07, 2016 -

Cabinet quality and quality directly depends on the manufacturing process is good or bad, the process of high steel edge of the cabinet will not be flashing flash, sharp mouth, burr and other phenomena, and exposed corners are by folding, fillet treatment, installation equipment When there will not be rowing. The size of each component are also very accurate, will not appear on the accessories installed or dislocation of the embarrassing situation. How to choose the cabinet: 1, to see steel, steel must be thick, you knock with your fingers, you can feel what thick which thin. 2, look at painting, a qualified cabinet, all the steel need to paint, and paint must be on average, so as to good rust, dust and so on. 3, look at the layout of the structure, in general, the tray should be more, and has a cooling hole, some of the metal used to fix the cable to package edge, to prevent damage to the cable. The side-wall fans should be installed on the rear wall of the cabinet, which generates most of the heat from the rear of the unit. 4, to see accessories, including the installation of network cables, telecommunications cables and power cables, you need to buy a hook with a belt or band to effectively orderly cable fixed inside the cabinet. If the cabinet with cable management module so that the cable can be directly fixed in the vertical mounting rail, then no better. 5, look at the glass, glass must be a little thick, but also pay attention to whether the surrounding glass cracks, if there is a crack, it means that there are risks, as well as to pay attention to whether it is difficult. 6, see function: the first consideration should be security. 7, to see the heat, it is estimated how much heat your device, in general, the top of the cabinet has two to four fans. There are a number of screws used to fix the rack, nuts, etc., but also adequate. Not because of future expansion and bring the trouble of insufficient accessories.