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How to Choose a Satisfactory Network Cabinet
- Dec 07, 2016 -

Next, list all the equipment installed in the cabinet and their complete measurement data: height, length, width, weight.

The total height of these devices will ultimately determine how many devices can be loaded into the enclosure. Obviously, the high cabinet can be loaded into more equipment, and more provincial place.

Of course, try to use the height of the cabinet is not the only consideration, the back of the cabinet there are a lot of places can be used. This is why you want to measure cabinet depth. Choose a deeper cabinet, you can put two sets of equipment back to back to install, so install more equipment. In this way, two rows of equipment can be installed in the cabinet, one row is loaded and unloaded from the front door of the cabinet, and the other row is loaded and unloaded from the back door. The cabinet should have an adjustable vertical rail frame that can hold equipment of different depths while keeping the cabinet to a minimum depth according to the depth of the equipment.