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How to Save Energy in Network Room
- Dec 07, 2016 -

With the advancement of economic construction and social development, all kinds of enterprises and institutions more and more aware of the importance of energy conservation. Saving energy (mainly electricity) can reduce the operating costs for enterprises to improve corporate profits.

Network room (including all kinds of servers and network cabinets room) is a real big electricity, the Internet to provide services to the server, you need 24 hours of non-stop operation, in order to provide more hardware resources, faster Processing speed, high-performance network service equipment, is bound to consume considerable power to maintain its operation. And today's servers are designed with PWM fans, fan speed will increase as the computer heat increases, so the high heat will bring more energy consumption.

Many have large and medium-sized network room unit, a few years of electricity can be worth more than half of the room building costs. Therefore, to explore and study how to enable network equipment to reduce the temperature, the work in the smallest possible energy consumption is particularly important.