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Network Cabinet Cabinet cooling
- Dec 07, 2016 -

The whole cabinet server adopts the modular design, and redefines the traditional data center. The network cabinet is divided into the cabinet subsystem, the network subsystem, the power supply subsystem, the server node subsystem, the centralized fan heat dissipation subsystem and the centralized management subsystem A total of six parts. With its outstanding performance and density advantages, is rapidly replacing the traditional server, as the main data center equipment.

As shown in Figure 1, in the same space, the whole cabinet server computing density higher, resulting in the work of the entire network cabinet heat higher. Therefore, to ensure the efficient heat dissipation of the entire network cabinet is particularly important. In addition, according to statistics, the data center in the cooling of the electricity consumption with nearly half of the total electricity consumption. So how to reduce the energy consumption of the entire cabinet server cooling required, but also imminent. To achieve energy-saving cooling system, on the one hand, you can choose a new type of air conditioning. For example, the cooling unit can be closer to the server cabinet, allowing hot and cold air to circulate in the shortest path directly between the cabinet and the air conditioner, which can handle higher heat load densities compared to room-level cooling; on the other hand, From the airflow organization design, the cooling capacity according to IT load reasonable distribution, reduce the fan and freezer power consumption.