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The placement of cabinets in the data center
- Dec 07, 2016 -

The data center contains a large number of servers, switches, routers and other network equipment, then so many devices how to place it? If the number is small, you can also find a convenient place to push the ventilation cooling that can be, but if it is hundreds of units or even tens of thousands of devices, so casually placed how to ensure that these devices safe and normal operation? Then you need to use the cabinet. A lot of people regard the cabinet as a cabinet dedicated to IT equipment. Cabinet is a cabinet, but not only the only such functions. For the data center, the cabinet is one of its important components. Cabinets are widely used in computer network equipment, wireless communications equipment, electronic equipment stacked. Cabinet with enhanced electromagnetic shielding, weakening equipment noise, reduce the advantages of equipment area, and some high-end cabinets, but also with air filtration, improve the quality of precision equipment, the role of environmental quality and function. Therefore, the use of good cabinets, play the maximum work efficiency of the cabinet will be able to bring a lot of money to the data center revenue.