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Distribution Cabinet To Meet The Design Requirements
- May 27, 2017 -

Distribution cabinet installation fixed

① distribution cabinet to the scene, the organization out of the box inspection, check whether the deformation, Diaoqi phenomenon, instrument parts are complete, spare parts, brochures and other defects, and do out of the box records.

② According to the layout of the construction drawings, Distribution Cabinet according to the order of the switchgear on the base of steel. Into the cabinet in place, the first to find both ends of the cabinet, and then in the cabinet under the two-thirds of the high position on the small line, one by one to find the counter to the standard. Find the use of 0.5mm gasket to adjust, each gasket can not be more than three.

③ in place to find out, according to the cabinet fixed screw hole size fixed, cabinet and cabinet, cabinet and side baffle are galvanized screw connection. High and low voltage switchgear and the reserved angle steel for solid welding, cable sandwich over the exposed part of the pattern plate full shop, cabinet, cabinet after 1200mm × 10mm (width × thickness) insulation full shop.

④ switch cabinet adjacent to the top of the two sets of the level of deviation is not greater than 2mm, all the top of the cabinet level deviation of not more than 5mm, Distribution Cabinet the adjacent two cabinet side roughness is not greater than 1mm, all counter unevenness is not greater than 5mm, More than 2mm.

⑤ After the equipment is positioned, the internal fasteners are tightened and inspected again, especially at the end of the conductor connection. Cabinet wiring is completed, Distribution Cabinet with a vacuum cleaner to remove the cabinet debris, to keep the equipment inside and outside clean, accurate identification of equipment number, circuit number.

After the installation of the distribution cabinet is completed, the bridge above the cabinet is installed. The position of the opening and closing cable of the distribution cabinet is reserved by the supplier by size. Closed after cable laying. Bridge and cabinet grounding bus with a special ground wire reliable grounding. Distribution Cabinet The bridge is connected to the distribution box (cabinet) using a rubber plate to protect the wires and cables

General Standard for Distribution Cabinets

Rated voltage AC 1kv and below, DC 1.5KV and below for low-voltage electrical equipment, appliances and materials; rated voltage greater than 1KV AC, DC 1.5kV for high-voltage electrical equipment, Distribution Cabinet appliances and materials. High voltage system wiring and transfer test, must meet the provisions of GB50150.

The ground or sub-branch lines must be connected separately to the corresponding trunk lines and are not allowed to be connected in series.

Box metal thickness requirements for the 1.5mm, household table box can be 1.2mm, large boxes and floor cabinets to the appropriate thickening. Surge protector generally use mine or weather station designated products.

See whether the design of the installation of leakage detectors, distribution box appropriate place to stay. Molded case switch and leakage to meet the design requirements, the general equipment installed with the switch.

There are power machinery to implement the design of the power control switch to understand the model and brand, is the two-speed or single-speed control.

The design wire inside the box must meet the requirements, Distribution Cabinet wire diameter, color (in line with the design A / B / C number and color).

Box wiring should not be close to the switch or box equipment to implement the actual installation of the building needs. Like a ring beam, pillars, doors, shear walls, etc. caused by defects. Distribution Cabinet To consider the distribution box of the quality supervision station testing costs.

Requirements for skin and lock: iron shell control and dark lock requirements.

To implement the main sub-box current A number and the number of leakage and the action time and limit current. Implement the function of the switch and the single pole.

Distribution box shell parallel grounding wire, the bottom of the distribution cabinet is best to add insulation board