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Fiber Optic Junction Box To Meet Design Requirements
- Sep 26, 2017 -

Fiber-optic junction box in the most area is in the mining field, the installation of this device is very convenient and reliable, most of the fiber optic junction box its coiling, expansion is also very convenient. Now, as a result of the further development of the mining industry, the mineral fiber connection box in the market is also in the continuous development of the production scale, Fiber Optical Joint Box and its manufacturers are also increasing.

A fiber optic junction box is an interface that provides a connection to a fiber. From the fiber cartridge to the switch: If the switch has a light port, connect directly with the fiber optic cable. Fiber Optical Joint Box If there is no optical port, it has to use a photoelectric converter, connect the fiber optic cable from the optical fiber box to the photoelectric converter, then connect the photoelectric converter and the switch with the network cable.

How to connect a fiber optic junction box

First of all, we should choose the right junction box, we mainly look at the current size of the components in the junction box, one is to look at the work of the maximum current, as well as output in the short circuit when the maximum current, generally we according to short-circuit current to calculate the rated current, Fiber Optical Joint Box this can be more safe to use, so before the Assembly, understand the production components in which place, Calculate the correct safety current in order to guarantee our future use. Secondly, the fiber optic junction box is provided with a base, the base also has a fiber-optic cage, open the box cover, installed in the ground junction box should be carefully installed the base, to ensure that the base stability, junction box cover can be opened, but to have waterproof, Fiber Optical Joint Box dust and other functions, junction box with the ground leveling, to prevent wiring box error. At the end of the base also has a wiring port, we should be optical fiber corresponding access to the junction, and then cover the lid of the test, adjustment. Finally, the wiring should pay attention to safety, to ensure the size of the current, to ensure that the junction box of the rated current enough. The wiring box installed in the wall should be about 30cm from the ground and ensure that the junction box is not touched when the ground is active. The various socket panels in the junction box shall have logo indication, and the tool area should ensure that the junction box has enough space to conform to the design requirements. The operation Hole in the junction box should be safe when connected.

Fiber Optic Connection Box use:

1. Suitable for the protective connection between fiber optic cable and wiring pigtail, Fiber Optical Joint Box suitable for the connection of optical fiber cable and optical communication equipment.

2. Widely used in local telephone, rural network system, data, image transmission system, CATV cable TV series, for indoor optical fiber cable through-force and branch-and-continue.

3. Play the role of the tail fiber storage and protection joints, the use of cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spray, design reasonable structure, Fiber Optical Joint Box beautiful and generous can be optical fiber reinforced core at the terminal.

4. In the actual Work the terminal box can be used for the indoor junction box but seldom use the junction box as the terminal box.

5. The junction box can be divided into cable junction box and Cable Junction box. Their role is used in the user's front-end wiring.