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Fiber Optic Junction Box With 4 Basic Functions
- Nov 01, 2017 -

Fiber optic junction box is also called fiber terminal box, fiber-optic junction box is high-density, high-capacity design, it has a beautiful appearance, reasonable distribution, easy to find, easy to manage, Fiber Optical Joint Box easy to install and good operation characteristics. Fiber optic junction box is mainly divided into: 8 Optical fiber Connection box, 12 optical fiber Connection box, 24 fiber optic junction box, 48 fiber optic junction box.

Fiber Optic junction Box characteristics

Ingenious design for the fixed position, so that the fiber is convenient and flexible, Fiber Optical Joint Box easy to peel off the protection of optical cable;

Provide 12, 24, 48, 72 fiber optic wiring plate;

St Type, SC type, FC type, LC type adaptor are provided respectively.

Characteristics of optical fiber junction box

In recent years, in the construction of the actual work, through the use of several products, we think that the selection of optical fiber connection box should focus on the following aspects.

(1) Fiber core capacity

A fiber optic junction box should be able to make the largest core number of the cable in the entire shelves, in the case of possible, can be connected to each other more than a few optical cables in a frame, Fiber Optical Joint Box in order to facilitate the provision of light path. At the same time wiring rack capacity should be compared with the universal Cable core series, so that in use can reduce or avoid due to improper collocation caused by the capacity of fiber connection box waste.

(2) Function type

The Fiber optic junction box as the terminal equipment of the optical cable line should have 4 basic functions.

After the ① fixed function cable enters the frame, the outer sheath and the reinforcing core should be mechanically fixed, the ground protection parts are installed, Fiber Optical Joint Box the end head protection is disposed, and the optical fiber is grouped and protected.

After the fiber and the cable are fused, the extra fiber is coiled and stored, and the weld joint is protected by ②.

The ③ leveling function plugs the connectors on the tail cable into the adapter and realizes the optical alignment with the optical connector on the other side of the adapter. Adapters and connectors should be flexible and unplugged, and the optical path can be freely provisioned and tested.

The ④ storage function provides storage for a wide range of intersecting optical connections between racks, enabling them to be neatly placed in a regular manner. The Optical fiber connection box should have proper space and way so that this part of the optical wiring line clear, easy to adjust, Fiber Optical Joint Box and can meet the minimum bending radius requirements.

With the development of optical fiber network, the existing functions of fiber optic junction box can not meet many new requirements. Some manufacturers add some optical fiber network components such as splitter, wavelength division multiplexer and Optical switch directly to the fiber optic junction box. This makes it easy to apply these components to the network and adds functionality and flexibility to the fibre optic connectors.

Optical fiber junction box is an important supporting equipment in optical transmission system, it is mainly used for optical fiber fusion, optical connector installation, optical path adjustment, redundant tail fiber storage and optical cable protection, it is important for network safe operation and flexible use. Over the past more than 10 years, optical communications in the construction of the use of fiber optic cable is usually a few cores to dozens of cores, fiber-optic junction box capacity is generally under 100 cores, Fiber Optical Joint Box these fiber-optic junction box more and more performance of small tail fiber storage capacity, deployment of the inconvenience, less function, simple structure and other shortcomings Now optical communication has been widely used in long-distance trunk line and local network relay transmission, and the optical fiber has become the development direction of access network. All over the new optical fiber network construction, as far as possible to choose the large-core number of optical cable, so that the capacity of optical fiber junction box, function and structure of the higher requirements.