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Installation Of Distribution Cabinet
- Jun 13, 2017 -

The distribution cabinet belongs to the electrical equipment, while the electrical equipment mainly includes one equipment and two times equipment. Primary equipment is mainly power generation, substation, transmission, distribution, electricity and other direct production, transmission, consumption of electrical energy equipment, such as generators, transformers, beats lines, distribution boxes, distribution cabinets, switchgear and so on. Distribution Cabinet Secondary equipment is the control, protection, measurement and other functions of the equipment.

Before the distribution cabinet installs, the control room environment should have the premise, Distribution Cabinet all interior decoration Construction has completed, the indoor cleanliness is safe.

Installation of power distribution cabinet

Shan distribution cabinet to the scene after the organization opened the box inspection, check whether deformation, paint, instrument parts are complete, spare parts, prescription, etc. have defects, and do a good job in the Open box.

Shan according to the layout of the construction drawings, Distribution Cabinet the switch cabinet is placed on the basic steel in order. Into the cabinet in place, the first to find the two cabinets, and then in the cabinet to two-thirds high position stretched on the small line, the table to find positive, to the counter level. When looking for the right time, 0.5mm gasket is used to adjust, the gasket can not exceed three pieces per place.

Shan in place to find positive, according to the cabinet fixed screw hole size fixed, cabinet and cabinet body, cabinet body and side baffle are galvanized screws connected. High and low voltage switchgear and reserved angle steel to be firmly welded, the cable mezzanine above the department of the clear-coated steel plate full shop, Distribution Cabinet cabinet front, cabinet after all with 1200mm; 10mm (wide Etimes; thick) insulation.

Shan Switch cabinet its adjacent two cabinets top level deviation is not less than 2mm, all the top of the cabinet level deviation is not less than 5mm, its adjacent two cabinets edge is not much less than 1mm, all the cabinet surface roughness is not less than 5mm, Ark indirect seam is not more than 2mm.

After the Shan device is positioned, the internal fastener is tightened and inspected again, especially the conductor connection end. The cabinet inside the wiring completes, uses the vacuum cleaner to remove the sundries in the cabinet, maintains the equipment inside and outside clean, Distribution Cabinet the correct identification equipment position number, the circuit number.

Second, after the installation of the distribution cabinets, the installation of the Cabinet side of the bridge. The opening position of the distribution cabinet in and out of the cable is reserved by the supply side. The cable is laid off after completion. The grounding line of the bridge and the inside of the cabinet is grounded reliably. The bridge frame is connected with the distribution box (cabinet) to protect the wire and cable, Distribution Cabinet and the bridge frame is connected with the distribution cabinet.

Bridge and Distribution cabinet connection

Two circuit wiring distribution cabinets should be completed in the cabinet before the factory two circuit wiring and related testing. After the distribution cabinet equipment to the scene, to be in the party a site engineer and supervision monitoring guidance in time to organize acceptance, the relevant technical documents to complete, the distribution cabinet packaging and sealing good, the components complete intact, reliable wiring. After the distribution cabinet is installed and fixed, the insulation test shall be conducted on the two wiring loops of the power distribution cabinet, and the test results of 500V grade insulation test instrument are more than 1m Omega. All two circuit control lines or cables are used many soft copper wire, terminal terminals using the appropriate specification of the terminal in Hot tin after the use of special crimping crimping, Hot tin should be used neutral flux.

Third, handover test distribution cabinet handover test as described in the following debugging and transmission departments.

IV. Other requirements:

Shan Drawer-type switchgear installed also to meet the following requirements: A, drawer push-pull flexible and light, no obstruction, collision phenomenon; B. The Central line of the movable contact head and the static contact is consistent, and contacts are close; the mechanical interlock or electrical interlocking device of the drawer is accurate and reliable, and the isolating contact can be separated after the breaker is divided; d, Distribution Cabinet drawer and cabinet the contact between the grounding contacts of the body is close; When the drawer is pushed in, the grounding contact of the drawer is contacted first than the main contact, and the procedure is opposite when pulling out.

Shan Power Distribution Cabinet two times circuit insulation inspection, carefully check the design drawings, the cabinet of the vulnerable components should be demolished in advance.

Shan Distribution Cabinet installation process should ensure that the paint layer intact, no damage, cabinet lighting complete.

Shan Transformer Indoor equipment shell needs good grounding.

Although the installation steps look cumbersome, but each step is indispensable, only follow the steps above to ensure that the installation of the distribution cabinet complete.