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Junction Box Meets Electrical Safety Requirements
- Jul 11, 2017 -

Because of the importance of the junction box to the components, it is particularly important to select a suitable junction box. For a good solar module junction box, you must have the following performance requirements:

1, be able to meet the requirements of the outdoor harsh environmental conditions;

2, junction box Shell has a strong anti-aging, Junction Box high temperature resistance, anti-ultraviolet ability;

3, excellent heat dissipation mode and reasonable inner cavity volume to effectively reduce the internal temperature, in order to meet electrical safety requirements;

4, good waterproof, dustproof protection to provide users with a safe connection program;

Now let's say that the junction box is prone to some of the problems, I hope you encounter these problems in use, can be resolved in a timely manner:

Junction box

One, the measurement junction box components of congenitally deficient

Electronic platform scale is our most applied electronic weighing apparatus, which has the experience of molding in installation and commissioning. However, Junction Box once in the rolling mill installation and commissioning of a Shanghai platform, there has been a phenomenon never happened. That is: Installation completed with testing weights for calibration, found that the display of the weight of the instrument is not the weight of the weights and changes, but suddenly more and more small, and the number of meters displayed in relation to the position of weights, so can not be normal calibration.

The weighing sensor's connection is connected in parallel, Junction Box after careful examination, the sensor's connection line is correct (the sensor is connected with the color standard of the instruction wiring diagram). The display instrument and the mechanical part also did not have any breakdown. After careful analysis of the above phenomenon, we think the problem still appears on the sensor. In order to further find the reason, we first use the display instrument to calibrate the sensor and then connect to the four corners of the on, the result of which is a positive value of three angles, and the other corner shows a negative value. Therefore, Junction Box we conclude that the internal wiring of the sensor at the angle is incorrect, and the angle of the sensor's bridge pressure or the positive and negative lead wires of the signal line is also shown as positive. As the sensor in the factory before the package will be the bridge pressure or signal the internal leader of the positive and negative polarity, so in the installation of the normal color mark connected to the above-mentioned fault, change the connection after the calibration, the above phenomenon.

Another example is to disconnect the display instrument, with a multimeter to check the bus, found that the signal positive and ground connection, Junction Box so when the sensor bus and display instrumentation system connected to the signal positive and bridge pressure negative short-circuit, damaged the sensor bridge normal working conditions, so the phenomenon. Next disconnect all the sensors to check the results are normal, no doubt the problem is appearing in the sensor junction box. With a multimeter to check the sensor junction box alone, Junction Box detect the junction box of the ground terminal and junction box of the sensor signal cathode terminals short-circuit, carefully find out the wiring box printed circuit board on the printed circuit has a short circuit, the problem is caused by the junction box product quality. (after analysis of the junction box in the factory without careful inspection, otherwise it should not appear in the above topic). Use the blade to remove the short circuit, the above troubleshooting.

Second, the design and installation of the problem of unfair appearance program-controlled hopper scale in our company is the first application. We are in two electric furnace plant installation and commissioning of Control hopper scale, found that two platform scales interfere with each other, Junction Box controlling system sometimes can not work according to designated procedures, often appear misoperation. The scale is set up according to the design plan of some design Institute for the two sets of batching system of two electric furnace factory. In the overhaul, the scale cannot work properly after the four sensor and the sensor wiring box are calibrated (the display is not loaded). Because the sensor and junction boxes are new acquisitions, so in the search for the cause of the fault, Junction Box the key to check the connection line, but the connection line is not connected to the wrong place, but when the ground wire is disconnected, display the instrument is normal, the grounding wire after the above fault.

Installation and commissioning of the above phenomenon, we have been repeatedly tested, analysis, to find out the source of the fault due to the problem. Because the control part of the two platform and the instrument part are connected to the illumination power supply, the control part is connected to the power supply, the instrument part is still connected to the illumination power supply, solves the above problem, completes the debugging of the program-controlled hopper scale, and ensures the normal work of the feeding system.

Another two sets of 30t truck scales were installed in the summer, but the scale was very poor after winter. After we analyze and find the reason, we find that the wiring of the two scales is connected by four-wire system. Because we are located in the north of the high cold area, Junction Box winter and summer temperature is larger, we analyze that the error is due to the conductor resistance changes with the temperature of the resulting (the principle is slightly, and another article specifically discussed), Junction Box we will four wire system to six-wire wiring after the problem is resolved.

The thin-walled sheet metal structure of the junction box, the welding part is reduced, the seal adopts the sealing and extruding structure, the wiring terminal arrangement is reasonable, the electrical clearance and the creepage distance are big, satisfies the voltage range is wide; the circular mounting fixing can be used for all motor structural types, junction box with good performance, a series of universal, high degree of standardization, high level of protection, beautiful appearance, light weight, low cost, electrical safety measures equipped with a full range of characteristics, can improve the quality of the entire motor products, improve product safety and reliability.