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Performance Characteristics Of Stainless Steel Distribution Box
- Aug 14, 2017 -

believe that the knowledge of the stainless steel distribution box friends, should know that the stainless steel distribution box internal components, Stainless Steel Distribution Box is composed of some low-voltage electrical appliances. We should pay attention to these internal components in the selection, especially for the stainless steel distribution Box AC CONTACTOR selection should be more attention.

Stainless Steel distribution box is through the stainless steel plate cutting, bending, welding processing. The flexibility of processing is great. And the FRP distribution box and PC-type plastic distribution box, their specifications are already dead, is based on mold processing and manufacturing. Stainless Steel Distribution Box If the customer dosage is not very large, and unconventional type of distribution box, the proposal is the use of metal processing.

For the use of non-standard type metal distribution box, and the amount is not particularly large cases. Stainless Steel distribution box is recommended. Because it is less easy to rust and beautiful than iron. The process of production is more flexible. Although the cost of a single fabrication is higher than the cost of FRP distribution boxes and plastics, FRP distribution boxes are prohibitively expensive. Stainless Steel Distribution Box For the dosage is not very big case. Under the overall cost ratio, it is advisable to manufacture stainless steel distribution boxes.

Stainless Steel distribution box can be customized, is generally custom, that is, non-standard stainless steel distribution box.

Main performance characteristics of stainless steel distribution box

1. Structural features

1 Stainless Steel distribution box box is welded by stainless steel plate or high quality cold-rolled steel plate, its steel and carrying capacity are all up to the installation requirements of electrical components, the box is and the back are equipped with open doors for easy operation, maintenance and repair.

2 the instrument door equipped with electrical components is connected with the structure of many soft copper wires, and all the fittings and frames in the cabinet are galvanized parts, Stainless Steel Distribution Box which constitute a complete grounding protection loop.

3 Stainless Steel distribution box box lid, can be removed when necessary. The top cover edge and the bottom of the box have ventilation cooling holes, Stainless Steel Distribution Box so that the device in operation to form natural ventilation, so that the device has a good cooling performance.

4 shell protection level to reach the P330

5 High quality cold-rolled steel plate box first pickling phosphating treatment, and then electrostatic powder spraying, can effectively prevent weathering and rust.

6 The closed metering unit is used, which is isolated from other devices and can be locked to meet the requirements of electric energy metering to prevent electricity stealing.

2. Electrical characteristics

1 The electrical scheme takes fully into account the characteristics of the power grid and is designed for safe, reliable and easy to use, taking into account the characteristics of small towns and the use of industrial and mining enterprises.

2 Considering the characteristics of the rural net and the city network, Stainless Steel Distribution Box we choose the high performance reactive power compensation controller which is suitable for the power grid transformation according to the specific situation, also can add the leakage protector according to the user's requirement.

3 Capacitor to cut the implementation of components according to user requirements, Stainless Steel Distribution Box the use of electronic switches or special AC contactor.

4 through the selection of High-performance metallized polypropylene film self-healing low voltage shunt capacitor, can improve power factor, save power, Stainless Steel Distribution Box improve the quality of power supply.