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Power Distribution Cabinet Has A Strong Practicality
- Sep 15, 2017 -

Power distribution cabinet with large-screen LCD touch screen, the voltage, current, frequency, useful power, useless power, power, harmonics and other power quality to do all-round monitoring. Users of the room power distribution system running at a glance, in order to early detection of security risks, early to avoid risks.

In addition, users can choose ATS, EPO, lightning protection, isolation transformers, UPS maintenance switch, the mains output shunt and other functions to ensure that the room distribution system security and stability.

Now the pace of development of this era is too fast, we also followed the blessing, Distribution Cabinet and television to all parts. With no power distribution cabinet tube or bad management, with the emergence of power distribution cabinet, to the maintenance of workers to save a lot of trouble, where the problem, where the need for maintenance. Which power distribution cabinet is good. save time and energy. And regular maintenance of the distribution cabinet is also necessary, like old machines or old people, Distribution Cabinet more or less there will be some problems. Timely discovery can reduce a lot of trouble.

Timing check the distribution cabinet is conducive to timely detection of the problem, in a timely manner to find the reasons and timely maintenance, or through forced cooling, Distribution Cabinet to improve the internal temperature of the distribution cabinet to restore the normal work of electrical equipment, or timely notification by the police, Measures, or by the temperature controller automatically cut off the power to eliminate the accident in the bud, Distribution Cabinet can effectively overcome the existing power distribution cabinet overall reliability, safety and service life is difficult to guarantee the drawbacks, Distribution Cabinet with a strong Practicality.

The distribution cabinet includes a power distribution cabinet, an internal device and an operation control panel. The temperature controller and the cooling fan with the temperature sensor, the temperature display and the alarm device are added in the cabinet cavity, and the external surface is set up with the digital Temperature display and alarm device, with real-time detection and display temperature, Distribution Cabinet monitor the alarm and if necessary, Distribution Cabinet cut off the power supply function.

Power distribution cabinet according to the different installation of electrical equipment can be divided into house distribution cabinets and outdoor power distribution cabinet: according to its assembly, Distribution Cabinet but also can be divided into assembly and set. Power distribution cabinet features:

1) Small footprint due to small allowable safety clearance and tiered layout;

2) maintenance, inspection and operation in the room, can reduce the maintenance workload, Distribution Cabinet free from climate impact;

3) outside the dirty air on the impact of smaller electrical equipment, Distribution Cabinet can reduce the maintenance workload; housing construction investment, construction period is long, but can use low-cost indoor equipment.