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Power Distribution Cabinet Is An Important Electrical Equipment
- Jun 27, 2017 -

Distribution cabinet is the motor control center collectively, the distribution cabinet used in the load is more dispersed, less circuit occasions. Generally we see the distribution cabinet are installed in the more subtle corner. Friends of the distribution cabinet are interested in a simple understanding of the distribution cabinet models, Distribution Cabinet and distribution cabinet drawings of the relevant information.

Distribution cabinet models have a lot, generally different manufacturers have their own models. Domestic models are MLS, GCS, GCK GGD, etc .; foreign manufacturers ABB: MD190, MNS, ArTu, Blokset, 8PT and so on. The general standard model is GB7251.1

Distribution cabinet model meaning

First: P-open low-voltage switchgear, G-closed low-voltage switchgear

Second place: G-fixed dead, C-withdrawable, H-fixed, out of mixed.

Third place: L (or D) - power, K-control, S-source electrical system

GGD is cheaper, GCS, GCK is economical.

Power distribution cabinet is an important electrical equipment, responsible for the important operation of the distribution network, so to ensure the normal operation of the distribution cabinet is still important, then the need for regular inspection and maintenance of the distribution cabinet.

Distribution cabinet regularly check the maintenance of large inspection is generally a 5-year period, the need for a comprehensive inspection. And the daily regular inspection, maintenance, the cycle should not exceed a month, maintenance personnel must be a professional electrician, Distribution Cabinet maintenance is required to wear, wear insulated shoes, gloves, must use electrical insulation tools, is strictly prohibited live operation, and should be checked, Work record; construction site to stop working 1H or more (lunch break, get off work and local shutdown) power switch box power lock.

Regular inspection and maintenance of power distribution cabinet is an important means to ensure the stable operation of power distribution is to reduce the power failure of the effective means, as the power distribution department should pay attention to do a good job of regular inspection and maintenance of the distribution cabinet.

Distribution cabinet is a power distribution system in a classic mature power distribution products, reasonable design, product maturity, stable performance. First look at the meaning of GGD model, the first G that AC low-voltage distribution cabinet; the second G said the cabinet electrical components for the fixed installation, fixed route; D said power cabinet. Together can be called fixed AC low-voltage distribution cabinet, referred to as GGD, easy to remember. GGD low-voltage distribution cabinet design with a high degree of standardization, Distribution Cabinet product versatility, the cabinet is very easy to configure other standard components, resulting in lower cost and low price, and was widely used, due to GGD cabinet structure simple maintenance But also very convenient, while product performance and stability in the use of the accident rate is very low, Distribution Cabinet so loved by the majority of electricians.