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Power Distribution Cabinet Reasonable Allocation Of Electricity
- Jul 21, 2017 -

Distribution cabinet function: a complete set of switching equipment and control equipment.It acts as a power center and the main power distribution device. Mainly used for power lines, Distribution Cabinet the main electrical equipment control, monitoring, measurement and protection. Often set in the substation, power distribution room, etc..

Distribution cabinet and distribution cabinet both the name of the difference:

Distribution cabinet in the name of the law - the distribution of electricity is called the distribution cabinet.

In order to distinguish between floor-type larger power or control devices, Distribution Cabinet sometimes referred to as "cabinet", but also called the "box" The

Power distribution cabinet features:

1, a reasonable allocation of electricity.

2, to facilitate the opening and closing of the circuit operation.

3, a higher degree of security protection, Distribution Cabinet can be intuitive display circuit conduction state.

Distribution cabinet installation Note:

(1) Construction of electricity distribution system should be set up the total distribution cabinet, distribution cabinet, switch box, and in accordance with the "total - minutes - open" order for the classification, and the formation of "three power distribution" mode.

(2) construction of the power distribution system of the distribution cabinet, switch box installation location should be reasonable. The total distribution cabinet should be as close as possible to the transformer or external power supply, so that the introduction of power. The distribution cabinet should be installed as far as possible in the center of the electrical equipment or the relative concentration of the load to ensure that the three-phase load to maintain balance. The location of the switch box should be placed as close as possible to the control of the electrical equipment.

(3) to ensure that the temporary electricity distribution system three-phase load balance, the construction site of power and lighting electricity should form two electricity circuit, Distribution Cabinet power distribution cabinet and lighting distribution cabinet should be set separately.

(4) the construction site All electrical equipment must have their own dedicated switch box.

(5) at all levels of the distribution cabinet and the internal installation must meet the safety requirements, switching appliances should be marked with the use of the box should be unified number. Distribution Cabinet Stop the use of the power distribution cabinet should be cut off the power, the door lock. Fixed distribution cabinet should be set up fence, and anti-rain measures.