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Power Distribution Cabinets To Protect Against Overload And Leakage
- Oct 12, 2017 -

The function of the power distribution cabinet is to distribute power to the various load parts, and to protect the power when the circuit is short, overload and leakage.

Distribution cabinets using large-screen LCD touch screen, voltage, current, frequency, useful power, useless power, power, harmonics and other power quality to do a full range of monitoring. Distribution Cabinet The user to the computer room distribution system operation condition is clear, in order to discover the security hidden trouble early, avoids the risk early.

In addition, the user can choose ATS, EPO, lightning protection, isolation transformers, UPS maintenance switches, mains output shunt and other functions to ensure the safety and stability of the power room distribution system.

The power distribution cabinet is based on the requirements of power grid construction and the operation experience of power grid, and the new type of power distribution cabinet is designed according to the safe, economical, Distribution Cabinet reasonable and reliable principle. It has the functions of power distribution, reactive power compensation, energy metering, energy information collection, and can be uploaded to the main station by computer communication technology.

Distribution cabinets according to different transformer capacity to install distribution monitoring and reactive compensation one-piece controller (100kVA and above to install), Distribution Cabinet measurement of current transformers, metering current transformers, HR series Isolation knife Gate, high breaking automatic reclosing leakage integrated Protection outlet switch, composite solid state relays, incoming terminals and other electrical components.

The cabinet is separated into a metering chamber, an isolating knife chamber, Distribution Cabinet a feeding switch chamber and a reactive compensation room. Watt-hour meter and metering transformer in the same room, with other rooms with the sealing plate separated, the box door can be added seals and locks, the reactive compensation room and other rooms using not less than 2mm galvanized steel plate separated.

What are the technical features of the distribution cabinet:

Distribution function: Two-way power distribution, completely replace the traditional power distribution box function;

Metering function: The wftt-1800s is equipped with accurate metering device, Distribution Cabinet which can monitor and record all the indexes of electric energy.

Communication function: Through 485 or wireless module and host computer communication, Distribution Cabinet can receive and carry out the instructions of the host computer;

Display function: The whole Chinese interface, can display real-time power grid three-phase voltage, current, active, reactive, active power, reactive power, power factor and other main parameters and capacitors operating status;