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Processing Efficiency Of Sheet Metal Processing Is High
- Oct 23, 2017 -

Sheet metal processing is a sheet metal forming a door through the traditional cutting blanking, blanking processing, bending molding and other methods and mastering the process parameters, Sheet Metal Fabrication cold stamping die structure, and a variety of equipment working principle and operation methods of the important process. Sheet metal processing is also known as the parts of sheet metals processing.

The processing steps of sheet metal processing are product pre-production test, product processing trial and product batch production. In order to produce more in line with the needs of customers products, in the product processing process, should be timely communication with customers, if the trial products meet customer requirements, can be mass production.

The gold processing has the traditional cutting technology, Sheet Metal Fabrication also has the new technology laser drilling technology. Laser drilling technology is the earliest practical laser technology in the processing of materials. Laser drilling in a sheet metal workshop is usually a pulsed laser, high energy density, short time, can be processed 1μm small holes, especially suitable for processing with a certain angle and thin material of small holes, but also suitable for processing the strength of high hardness or more brittle soft materials on the parts of the deep holes and small holes.

Laser can achieve the gas turbine burner parts drilling, punching effect can achieve three-dimensional direction, the number can reach thousands. Perforated materials include stainless steel, Sheet Metal Fabrication nickel-Chrome alloy and Hastroy (Hastelloy) base alloys. Laser drilling technology is not affected by the mechanical properties of materials, and it is easy to realize automation.

Now sheet metal processing laser cutting machine in the development of laser drilling technology has achieved automation, not only effectively improve the traditional sheet metal processing technology, but also greatly improve the work efficiency, save manpower and material resources, Sheet Metal Fabrication but also better promote the development of the sheet metal industry.

With the development and progress of the society, people on the sheet metal processing technology is more and more skilled, obviously sheet metal processing is the sheet metal technology staff need to focus on to grasp a hinge technology, but also our sheet metal products in the molding is the most important process. Anhui Hefei Sheet Metal processing is directly to include this traditional blanking processing, cutting blanking, bending molding and so on these methods as well as those of the process parameters, so will include a variety of cold stamping of a mold structure and some of the process parameters, in a variety of equipment working principle and those operating methods, Sheet Metal Fabrication Can also include such a new stamping technology as well as a new process, in the parts of metal plate processing is called sheet metal processing, calmly to see such a number of sheet metal processing important procedures if very clear, can be very good to pay attention to the special style of these sheet metal processing.

The development of an industry needs not only the progress of the whole society, but also the internal progress of the industry. Sheet metal processing industry is equivalent to the development of sheet Metal Industry Foundation, the high building level, there is no solid foundation, how to cast the lofty buildings? The same sheet metal processing industry progress will also drive the progress of the sheet metal industry, Sheet Metal Fabrication and promote social progress. So the importance of sheet metal processing is becoming more and more prominent.

Outstanding features of Sheet metal processing

Compared with the traditional hot cutting method, the total characteristic of laser cutting is the fast cutting speed and high quality. It is summarized as follows:

1. Good cutting quality

Laser cutting can achieve better cutting quality because of its small laser spot, Sheet Metal Fabrication high energy density and fast cutting speed. Cutting surface is flat and relatively smooth, late processing is convenient.

2. High efficiency of cutting processing

Because the laser temperature is high, penetrating force is strong, so it can cut hard metal, more efficient than traditional hot cutting method.

3. Non-contact cutting

Laser cutting torch and workpiece without contact, there is no tool wear. The processing of different shape of the parts, do not need to replace the "tool", just change the output parameters of the laser. Sheet Metal Fabrication The laser cutting process has low noise, small vibration and no pollution.

4. Fast cutting speed

1200W Laser Cutting 2mm thick low carbon steel plate, cutting speed can reach 600cm/min; cutting 5mm thick resin plate, cutting speed can reach 1200cm/min. Materials in laser cutting do not need to be clamped, Sheet Metal Fabrication not only to save the fixture, but also to save the upper and lower material auxiliary time.

Laser cutting processing because of the advantages of the above, in the metal processing industry is increasingly popular, it can be said that it has a traditional hot cutting process does not have a new function.

Sheet metal processing commonly used materials have cold-rolled sheet (SPCC), hot-rolled plate (SHCC), galvanized sheet (SECC, SGCC), copper (CU) brass, copper, beryllium, aluminum plate (6061, 6063, hard aluminum, etc.), aluminum, stainless steel (mirror, wire drawing surface, fog), according to the role of different products, Sheet Metal Fabrication Selection of materials, the general need for the use of products and costs to consider.