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Protection Of Stainless Steel Control Cabinet
- Sep 05, 2017 -

Stainless steel control cabinets made of stainless steel materials, with waterproof anti-rust easy to clean, such as the use of 50 percent profiles to do the framework, Stainless Steel Control Cabinet the use of polyurethane foam sealing ring with the door frame waterproof edge design, with up to IP54 protection, widely used in the field of automation and control equipment.

Stainless steel control cabinet process characteristics and performance:

Stand-alone cabinet, unsuitable for use with cabinet

Door panel is very high, about 25mm, Stainless Steel Control Cabinet make sure the door is flexible and smooth.

The main frame of the unique 50 percent profile welding is not only to ensure the high strength of the cabinet body, Stainless Steel Control Cabinet but also to ensure that the protection level of the cabinet is reached IP56

Special door side tube Strengthening system can be fixed on the door panel with screws for easy disassembly

The 25mm spacing modulus hole on the frame ensures the flexibility and versatility of the installation

Galvanized panels can be used to push the plastic slider through the rail from the front to the cabinet, Stainless Steel Control Cabinet and both sides have a U-shaped edge to make the mounting plate firmer and easier to carry

Professional stainless steel turnoff lock, Stainless Steel Control Cabinet stainless steel load-bearing rings and various functional accessories display the luxurious quality of cabinet body

Material: SUS304 (other material model optional)

Surface Treatment: Drawing, installation plate is galvanized

Protection Rating: IP55 (by gb4205-1993)

Standard configuration: Front door, back panel, installation board, cabinet, door lock, sealing strip

Thickness of steel PLATE:

Frame: 50 percent profiles 1.5mm

Door panel: 2.0mm

Back panel: 1.5mm

Mounting board: 2.5mm (optional 3.0mm)