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Stainless Steel Control Cabinet Process Characteristics
- Aug 24, 2017 -

Stainless steel control cabinet made of stainless steel, refined with waterproof and easy to clean, etc., the product uses half of the profile to do the framework, Stainless Steel Control Cabinet the use of polyurethane foam ring with the door frame waterproof design, with up to IP54 protection, widely used In the field of automation and control equipment.

Stainless steel control cabinet process characteristics and performance:

● Stand-alone cabinet, not suitable for parallel use

● door from the ground is very high, about 25mm, Stainless Steel Control Cabinet to ensure that the door flexible and smooth

● Unique 50% of the overall shape of the profile of the main frame not only to ensure that the cabinet of high strength and to ensure that the protection of the cabinet to IP56

● Stainless Steel Control Cabinet special door side tube reinforcement system can be fixed with screws on the door, easy to disassemble

● The 25mm pitch modulus hole on the frame ensures the flexibility and versatility of the installation

● The galvanized mounting plate can be pushed into the cabinet from the front through the guide rails through the rails and the U-shaped flaps on both sides to make the mounting plate firmer and easier to carry

● professional stainless steel fork lock, Stainless Steel Control Cabinet stainless steel bearing rings and a variety of functional accessories highlight the cabinet luxury quality

Stainless steel control cabinet custom

Stainless steel control cabinet frame, front door, mounting plate carbon steel (cost-effective) or stainless steel, rear backplate (optional rear door), roof, side plate, base, rings, Beam, door locks (nano-Asian silver), Stainless Steel Control Cabinet the door with galvanized square tube, ribs and polyurethane adhesive foam seal.

SUS201L (medical and pharmaceutical industry), SUS201 (economical stainless steel); door panel 2.0mm; cabinet 1.5mm; frame 1.5mm; Stainless Steel Control Cabinet backplane and side panels 1.5mm; stainless steel control cabinet selection of stainless steel SUS304L (food and beverage industry) Mounting plate 3.0mm (optional 2.5mm). Surface treatment: double-sided wire drawing treatment, in order to ensure a higher anti-rust ability, stainless steel surface can be sprayed according to customer requirements outdoor plastic powder.