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Synthetical Distribution Box Of Jinjiang Electric Power Supply Company: And How To Carry Out Comprehensive Renovation Project
- Jan 10, 2017 -

Learned, after becoming the # 1, # 4 library after change area of old synthetical distribution box due to the use fixed number of year is too long, and after all the year round in the wind rain, some parts corrosion is serious, the leakage protection devices in the oven has been set to use, become the hidden trouble of the grid and reliable power supply.For this purpose, the special messenger of jinjiang electric power supply company for field exploration, decided on the basis of retain the original variable sets, to new upgrade of its affiliated integrated distribution box, the overall change of 400 kva with leakage protection device integrated distribution box, not only to eliminate the original equipment many safe hidden trouble, further improve the rural power grid power supply reliability.

Since this year, actively carry out integrated distribution box transformation of jinjiang electric power supply company, the organization power substation to trawl for the public transformer in the screening, according to the "general, major, critical" three levels, the partial time transformation plan.At the same time, in view of the integrated distribution box reconstruction project construction time and heavy task, some more side wide, etc., of jinjiang electric power supply company developed a detailed construction plan and safety measures to overcome the time is tight, supplies, and many other objective difficulties, correctly handle the relationship between the safety, quality, progress, finished ahead of inverted construction plan, reasonable arrangement of construction power, process management of project, construction progress and construction quality, construction safety and so on omni-directional supervision, orderly and standardized, rapid advance engineering construction, to ensure product quality, on time and quantity to complete the task.

In 2016, jinjiang electric power supply company integrated distribution box specific project plan new integrated distribution box 103.At present, the company is to speed up the progress of the villages and township jurisdiction old synthetical distribution box to "upgrade", in order to ensure that during the period of peak demand, improving jurisdiction distribution network power supply reliability, improve power supply quality service, to ensure the safety of district residents, rest assured.