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The Junction Box Acts As A Protective Wire And A Connecting Wire
- Sep 26, 2017 -

The junction box is the length of the line in the electrical wiring. When the pipeline elbow exceeds the specification specified distance and the number of bends and the pipeline has branch, must set the passing transition box, the pipeline is equipped with the load terminal is reserved box, all is the junction box. Junction Box Its role is to facilitate threading, line and transition wiring.

The junction box is a tool used to protect wires and wires, typically PVC and tin boxes. The domestic junction box is mainly 86 type. The junction box is one of the electrician's accessories, because the wiring of the decoration is through the wire tube, and in the connector parts of the wire (such as the length of the line, or the wire pipe to the corner) to use junction box for the transition, the Wire and junction box connection, Junction Box wire tube inside the wiring box in the junction, play the role of protecting the wire and connecting wire.

The function of junction box

The junction box can be summed up as two points in the Solar module: a connection and transmission function, B protection component, and it is a comprehensive design which integrates electrical design, mechanical design and material science.

Junction Box Solar cell components are photovoltaic conversion through the solar cells, and a single component of the electricity to transmit to the charging, control system, must be transmitted through the junction box, and the junction box is the entire solar array of "tie", many components in series together to form a power generation of the whole, So the function of junction box in solar energy application is not to be neglected.

The junction box also has a more important role is to protect the components; When the components in the array are covered by dark clouds, twigs, guano and other occlusion of the hot spot, the bypass in the assembly of the diode, using their own unidirectional conductivity, the problem battery, the battery string bypass, Junction Box to protect the entire component and even the entire array, Be sure to keep it in the necessary working condition and reduce unnecessary losses.

The ideal component should be that each battery should be by a diode by the bypass, so as to ensure the absolute safety of the components, but for the cost and the process, Junction Box so far we have adopted a series of battery-bypass diodes, which is a simple and effective way.

Performance requirements and selection of junction boxes

Because of the importance of the junction box to the components, it is particularly important to select a suitable junction box. For a good solar module junction box must have the following performance requirements:

(a) Meet the requirements of the use of outdoor harsh environmental conditions;

b) The shell has a strong anti-aging, UV-resistant ability;

C Excellent heat dissipation mode and reasonable cavity volume to effectively reduce internal temperature, Junction Box in order to meet electrical safety requirements;

d) Good waterproof, dustproof protection to provide users with a safe connection program;

e) lower body resistance to minimize the power loss caused by junction boxes;