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The Junction Box Is Highly Versatile
- Sep 15, 2017 -

The terminal block is arranged rationally, the electric clearance and creepage distance are large, and the voltage range is wide; the circular mounting fix can be used for all the The structure of the motor type, the junction box has the characteristics of good performance, good series, Junction Box high degree of standardization, high degree of protection, beautiful appearance, light weight, low cost, complete electrical safety measures, and can improve the quality of the whole motor product. Product safety and reliability.

The junction boxes can be connected in parallel or in series, with only two link modes. When the parallel output sensitivity is reduced, the series increases. There will be circuit in the junction box, Junction Box if it is analog signal, mainly for the four corners of the compensation. If the sensor is a digital signal, there is no problem with four corners compensation, the four-point compensation of the digital sensor is carried out on the head.

Overview of the use of the junction box

As the sensor at the factory, the sensor consistency is not necessarily ideal, coupled with the use of environmental factors in the field and the installation of restrictions, to a number of sensors in parallel to bring imbalance imbalance. To solve the above problems, should use the junction box to adjust the sensor coefficient and the sensor output impedance ratio (mV / V / Ω) close to the same, so as to ensure the balance of the whole scale. Junction Box Adjust the level of mechanical table, for more than four sensors, due to various reasons, the mechanical table and the foundation are more or less some deformation, the longer the use of the more serious deformation, resulting in sensor force inconsistency, Of the compensation is compensated, however, it should be adjusted to the height of the sensor, Junction Box in the difference (20-40) kg range, and then replaced by the potentiometer to basically the same, which is a repeated process, due to the mechanical table Deformation, adjust a corner may affect the two corners, or even three corners, only repeated trial.

There are two kinds of junction boxes on the market, one is to put the signal line together, in each sensor power line string one to two potentiometers, adjust the sensor supply voltage, Junction Box thus eliminating the angle difference. There is a sensor signal output and a potentiometer, string two resistors, change the output resistance, so as to achieve the purpose of eliminating the angle difference.

Installation and commissioning of junction box

1) Junction box installation

Secure the terminal box to the proper position of the scale body. Open the junction box cover.

Pass the sensor cable and the instrumentation signal cable from the corresponding interface of the junction box, press the wiring diagram to connect all the cables, Junction Box and then tighten all the nuts. Do not use the interface with a sealed rubber gasket or rubber mud to block, Junction Box while tightening the nut.

Connect the outer shields of all cables to the grounding posts of the junction box.

2) Junction box commissioning

According to the sensor output signal size, Junction Box refer to the wiring diagram given below, adjust the corresponding potentiometer.

(Note: the potentiometer do not turn the head) after debugging should be covered on the top of the junction box, and tighten with screws. )