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The Junction Box Should Have A Waterproof Seal Design
- Jun 27, 2017 -

With the popularity of broadband in the district, to the user with a large degree of convenience, but at the same time encountered other problems, such as cell users into the line when the wiring problem, if the wiring is not appropriate, then it may affect the product The use of stability, so how to install the junction box has become a very important issue. Engage in electrical friends may be more familiar with what is the junction box, but we know the role of the junction box? Xiaobian today to give you about science.

First, the construction of the junction box

General junction box by the lid, box, terminal blocks, diodes, cables, connectors, Junction Box a large part of the composition.

Second, the function of the various parts of the junction box

Shell to have a strong anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet ability; meet the requirements of outdoor harsh environmental conditions;

Self-locking function makes the connection more convenient and firm;

Must have a waterproof seal design, scientific anti-shock insulation protection, Junction Box with better safety performance; terminal installation should be strong, and the convergence with a good weldability.

Diode is divided into: bypass diodes and anti-backlash diodes. The main function of the diode is a one-way conduction function.

Bypass Diode: The main effect is to prevent the hot spot effect of the component. Hot spot effect: When the component is in use part of the battery is blocked by foreign body, will be used as a load to consume other light generated solar cell components generated by the energy. Junction Box The temperature of the solar panels will be kept rising at this time will be hot, this is the hot spot effect. If there is a foreign body to block the battery caused by the local battery does not work, the local battery chip temperature rising, the heat will eventually lead to burned the battery.

The bypass diode does not work when the solar panel is operating normally, but when the hot spot effect is encountered, the bypass diode automatically passes over the string of strings and continues to work with other battery strings. Now we use the main function of the bypass diode is to prevent the battery burned.

Anti-backlash diode: The component prevents the battery current from flowing back when there is no light.

Connector, cable: with good insulation performance, Junction Box male and female plug with self-locking function is the solar panel and electrical connection more convenient and reliable.

The role of the junction box:

1. Enhance the safety performance of components

2. Seal components Current output section (lead section) 3. Make the assembly easier and more reliable

Third, how to install the junction box

(A), the installation steps:

1, first by the furniture company in the furniture table cut a mounting hole (please note that the different products of different openings);

2, the junction box into the mouth of the cut;

3, with the screw fixed junction box;

4, connect the cable, pay attention to the pop-up junction box cable length to stay, Junction Box for the junction box to bounce;

5, the cable is reasonable cloth;


 1) must confirm the size of a good hole;

 2) If it is their own openings, must not open the hole, the need for professional tools with;

 3) Do not tear the protective film on the surface of the terminal box when installing the terminal box;

 4) junction box panel edge thin, pay attention to scratch, bump;

 5) cable to stay in length should be able to all the terminal box out of the table, 25cm range.

 (2), installation of vertical socket (suitable for wall 86 boxes):

 1, the first cable and facade socket connection;

 2, the cable connected to the wall of the wall panel into the wall 86 boxes, Junction Box pay attention to want to stay in the appropriate length for later maintenance;

 3, with the screws to the wall panel and 86 boxes screwed.

 In the decoration of the time will often encounter the need to install the junction box, read the small series of the above we have not know more about the junction box? In the process of installing the box must be standardized operation, or there will be a "safe Hidden danger ".