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Types Of Distribution Cabinets
- Aug 14, 2017 -

Distribution cabinets using large-screen LCD touch screen, voltage, current, frequency, useful power, useless power, power, harmonics and other power quality to do a full range of monitoring. The user to the computer room distribution system operation condition is clear, in order to discover the security hidden trouble early, avoids the risk early.

In addition, the user can choose ATS, EPO, lightning protection, Distribution Cabinet isolation transformers, UPS maintenance switches, mains output shunt and other functions to ensure the safety and stability of the power room distribution system.

The function of the power distribution cabinet is to distribute power to the various load parts, and to protect the power when the circuit is short, overload and leakage. Common types of distribution cabinets have fixed panel type distribution cabinets, protective type distribution cabinets, drawer-type distribution cabinets and power lighting distribution cabinets, and so on, let's look at the characteristics of these types of distribution cabinets.

1, fixed panel type distribution cabinet

The fixed panel type Power distribution cabinet is also called the Power distribution screen, its front side is the cabinet body panel, Distribution Cabinet may use in the occlusion and the opening and closing, the back and the flank is open, may contact the electrically charged device. The protection level of the fixed panel type distribution cabinet is low and can only be used for some occasions where the safety requirements are not high and the continuous power supply is used, for example, centralized power supply for substation in the industrial and mining enterprises.

2. Protective type distribution Cabinet

The protective type Power distribution cabinet and the fixed panel are the power distribution cabinet compared, has the true sense cabinet body, except installs the surface all sides all have the baffle seal. Distribution Cabinet The cabinets of protective type distribution cabinets are made of insulating materials, the internal electrical components and external isolation, and the protection plate can be isolated between components, so the safety level of the protective type distribution cabinet is higher, which can be applied to the process field distribution device.

3. Drawer Type Distribution Cabinet

The drawer type distribution cabinet is one of the highest safety distribution equipment, it uses the steel plate to make the cabinet body, the cabinet body installs the drawer, Distribution Cabinet each electrical element all is installs in the drawer, forms the independent function unit. The reliability, interchangeability and safety of drawer-type distribution cabinets are higher than those of the above two kinds of distribution cabinets, which can be applied to centralized control distribution centers with higher reliability requirements.

4. Power Lighting Distribution Cabinet

Power lighting distribution Cabinets with closed-end installation, safety level according to the requirements of the use of different situations. Power lighting distribution cabinets are used as low-level distribution equipment, Distribution Cabinet such as distribution control for industrial and mining production sites.