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Village Distribution Cabinets Fire Power To 3 People Trapped In The Elevator
- Dec 20, 2016 -

Morning news: Yesterday afternoon, hefei Montreal road and solid town road jiaokou jingu park village, underground parking lot distribution box fire suddenly, causing the building power outage, running the elevator so suspended, three owners were trapped in the elevator.Fortunately, timely rescue, small area public security will be the first time put out the fire, and opens the elevator, trapped owner narrowly missed.

Master Yin is the area of security monitor, yesterday afternoon, he in the underground parking garage a rest room to have a rest.14 o 'clock, he smelled a anxious burnt flavour indoors, go out to see, found that a distribution box to smoke out, can see through the gap has been burning up inside wire.Think twice, Yin teacher picked up the fire extinguisher on the spray distribution box fierce fire, before long the fire under control, has not spread to the upstairs.